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First Place Acrylics - Feb 28th, 2018
Buffalo Veterans Hospital Creative Arts Show
Best of Show - Feb 28th, 2018
Buffalo Veterans Hospital Creative Arts Show

Charles Brown an artist and painter grew up in the country in Western New York. He had a fascination for art at a very early age being influenced by his mother's love of nature, and his eldest brother, another skilled artist. Charles' first experience in painting was with oils at age 12. He enjoyed art classes in high school being taught by his teacher a graduate of the renowned Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Following high school Charles attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh as a commercial art student. He then transferred to Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology in Oakville Ontario studying in the same field. Shortly thereafter Charles was drafted for the Vietnam War interrupting his education. He then enlisted in the Air Force where he met his wife and started a family.


Charles has no formal training as a wildlife artist. He was influenced later in life by Robert Bateman in 1996. He met Robert at a book signing seminar where he wished Charles good luck in his art career. At this gallery in Mississauga Canada, Charles had the privilege of seeing an original Carl Brenders painting of a mother fox and her kits, truly inspirational. Charles is a self-taught artist and years of studying, reading, and practice has honed his skills. Wildlife artists in his library that have had a large impact include:


  • Guy Coheleach

  • John Seerey-Lester

  • Stephen Lyman

  • Morten E. Solberg

  • Terry Isaac

  • Lee Kromschroeder

  • Alan M. Hunt

  • Daniel Smith


Charles' career has had many different facets which include landscape design renderings, tombstone monumental art, wooden sign designs, embroidery "digitizing" designs on major league caps, apprenticing as a tattooist, and finally working as a "finisher" in a terra cotta foundry. Now retired Charles is devoting all his time to his love of art and painting nature's beauty. 


He is presently a member of several art societies including The Evans Art Guild, and the Centennial Art Center of Hamburg, displaying his artworks and galleries, libraries, an outdoor events to which he has received several awards. Charles has been supporting several wildlife conservation organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, The Natural Wildlife Federation, and National Parks Conservation Association, and will continue to support wildlife conservation. 



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